Happy 26th Birthday Allie!

Are you ready for a wild adventurous scavenger hunt through the secret side of San Francisco? Join us for Allie's birthday as we split into teams and race through the city streets discovering hidden gems, fun facts, drinks, and team competitions!

The Basics


Time: 8:00 PM - Cheesestake AM

Start: Powell St. Cable Car Turnaround

Distance: 1.35 Miles

Included: Small Snack & 1 Beer

Neighborhoods: Union Square + Chinatown + North Beach

Dancing?: Yes




The Details

The scavenger hunt will start at the Powell Cable Car turnaround where both teams with pair up and review the basics. From there we will race into Union Square looking for clues for the secret beer competition on a rooftop looking over the city. We'll then weave our way through chinatown discovering hidden gems and stopping at one of the city's most iconic dive bars. Get to know the local side of North Beach while grabbing a sweet treat. Then finish by beating the next team to our last stop, a dance party!

Oh yeah, you know we're getting Philly Cheesesteaks after!

What's Needed

Your sexy self and your sexy friends.

Eat first! There will be quite a lot of drinking.

It's expected to be hot! Jacket questionable.

Decent walking shoes, heals not recommended.

Cash. Some bars we attend are cash only.

Come thirsty, we will be drinking a lot.

Rest up, this will be a fun energetic event.

Allie, are gifts expected? "No!" -Allie

Bring a cell phone for interactive experience.

Try your best to look as good as this girl does! ➹

Beautiful Allie

Helpful Information

Starting Location


1 Powell Street


Ending Location


 366 Columbus Ave

Wow, That Was Fun!

Thank you everyone for coming out to Allie's Watch Me Age birthday scavenger hunt. Last night was an absolute blast and was a refreshing change of pace from doing the same old bar thing. Below are the results from the scavenger hunt, photos, and more. Next time you're looking for a scavenger hunt, make sure to reach out to SF Native Tours!

Final Scores!

Team Ameena = 25 Points

Team Kristen = 22 Points


Scavenger Hunt Historical Slide Show


Scavenger Hunt Photos Submitted


Polaroid Magic

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This event was created, organized, and sponsored by San Francisco Native Tours LLC.®