Are all amenities included in the ticket price?

Yes, all of our food and beverage amenities are included in the tour's ticket price. If you enjoy what the local establishments have to offer, we always encourage buying additional items in order to help support the local businesses and community.


How much food & beverage is included?

The best part of San Francisco Native Tours is that we include lots of food and beverage in each of our tours! Some tours are focused more on alcohol and some are focused more on food. Check each tour for their individual ranking of how much food and beverage is included.


Why are the groups no larger than 9 people?

We keep our group sizes under 10 people in order to create a personal experience with each and every one of our customers. This allows us to get to know our guests as your local friends, not just another tour guide. The small group sizes helps us blend in with the city instead of standing out as tourists. The intimate size also helps prevent local business from being overwhelmed too!


Should I tip my tour guide?

Tipping the tour guide is not required on a San Francisco Native Tour, although the gesture is always warmly welcomed!


How Can I reserve a tour for future dates?

San Francisco Native Tours regularly adds different themed tours and changes the tour calendar on a monthly basis. Sign up for our newsletter today to learn more about our new tours and receive updated schedules and announcements.


Do tours end at the starting location?

Our tours always end in a different place than the starting location. Each tour starts and ends in easy-to-find locations that are accessible to public transportation. Plus, we are your new friends who will always make sure you know how to get back home!


Can I pay in cash?

We currently do not accept cash through our online registration system, although please email us and we will make the necessary arrangements to assist you with reserving a tour with cash.


What happens if it rains?

Great, California needs it! But no need to worry, San Francisco Native Tours explores the city in rain or shine. On top of that, we even provide you an umbrella to use too!


Are the tours suitable for children?

All of our tours are designed differently to create the most diverse tour experiences. Please check each tour scale to see which tours are most family friendly. Please note, some tours are for adults only (21+).


Do you provide discounts for children or seniors?

San Francisco does not offer discounted tickets for children or seniors, although we are regularly providing seasonal discounts and even opportunities to win free tours! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details.


Do you offer refunds?

Unlike many tour companies in the city, San Francisco Native Tours knows that last minute things can occur and we are willing to provide a full refund if contacted 24 hours before the start of the tour. You can request a refund at


Do you offer private or custom tours?

Absolutely! San Francisco Native Tours provides private tours for families and small groups, which we will customize based on your interests. We also offer custom team bonding outings for companies and small start ups who want to explore the city.


How long are the tours?

Our tour times range from 3 – 4 hours and we cover approximately 2.5 – 3.5 miles depending on the tour. It sounds like a long distance, but it is an easy walk that goes by in a flash!


Are there a lot of hills?

Each tour has an individual hill ranking. Since our team was born a raised in the city, our routes are handpicked to avoid strenuous hills; so no need to worry.


Is there time to sit and take restroom breaks?

Our tours are specially designed to include several restroom breaks at a variety of locations all along the tour. In addition, there are also opportunities to rest when visiting the local neighborhood establishments.


If I am driving, where can I park for the tour?

On each tour description we provide a link to Parkopedia, a resources that allows you to locate the best possible parking spot that fits your specific needs. Please note, some tours end in a different neighborhood then the starting location. For more information on parking please contact us.


 Are pets allowed on the tours?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on our public tours. If you would like to reserve a private customized tour, our team can help design a tour that allows you to bring your furry friend too!


Can you accommodate diet, allergy, and drinking restrictions?

No matter what your diet or drinking restrictions are, each SF Native Tour guide is willing to work with your needs. Please inform your guide ahead of time of your specific needs.