Parks, Pints, and Politics


Time: 1:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Distance: 4 miles or 6.5 kilometers
Neighborhoods: Haight & Ashbury - Castro - Mission
Included: Locally Crafted Beer - Empanadas & Pub Food (for purchase) - Choice of Cookies
Suggestions: The beginning of the tour is a hearty walk, while the rest is flat. Wear good walking shoes, stay hydrated, and bring a light jacket and hat or sunscreen.



This tour easily has some of the best views of San Francisco. We enjoy the outdoors, drink local micro-brews, and discuss politics ranging from the Ohlone Native Americans and the hippie movement to the LGBT revolution and much more! Enjoy a pub-crawl through some of the most popular neighborhoods in San Francisco while experiencing a variety of cultures and communities. This tour is for those who love to explore, appreciate diversity, and enjoy a drink!


Start & Finish Locations


Meeting Location:
In front of the the graffiti art on the side of Aviator Nation (pictured above).


Starting Location:
Corner of Haight and Ashbury: 1501 Haight Street, San Francisco, California, 94117


Ending Location: 
Woods Cervecería: 3801 18th St, San Francisco, California 94114


Tour Guide


Name: Stuart

Position: Guide & CEO

Contact: 1 + (415) 309-1925

Bio: Born & raised 5th generation San Franciscan, Stuart is a strong supporter of the city and has become an active member of the local community. Stuart loves exploring, BBQ's, local pubs, camping, snacks and lives with his cat he calls "Killer".


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