Founder's Family

When the Kennedy's & Moffitt's first came to America They were escaping a time in irish History when the country was struggling with Famine. Soon after, they took Their family members to scout what the United States had to offer.

After spending a short period on the east coast, Rumors of Gold out west made its way across the country, Sparking our family's interest. After a long journey across the U.S., they made it to San Francisco in the nick of time for the Gold Rush.

Five Generations later, our family has opened a variety of businesses, held elected positions, changed legal policies, helped build SF Landmarks, and even opened Hospitals & schools. Learn more about the founder's family story on all our tours!

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Real Locals

What makes us one of the most unique tour company in SF? We were born & raised in the city. We provide personal stories, a real local's perspective of change, and share the best kept secrets of San Francisco.

Our Connections

We are personally connected to each neighborhood we explore. Meet local business owners, artists, famous neighborhood characters and more! We make you feel like a local hanging out with a friend who knows the whole neighborhood!

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Why Give Tours?

There has been so much change in San Francisco over the years, and we wanted to provide a local's perspective to this issue. We are deeply in love with the city and want to share our passion for San Francisco with the world!

Ready to Explore?



MON & Tue | 4 Hrs | $59

This tour is the best overview of SF while trying a variety of cultural cuisines. Experience a local perspective while hearing 150 year old family stories.


Thursday | 4 HRS | $69

Relive the cultural revolutions of the hippies in the Haight & Ashbury and the LGBTQ+ community in the Castro while enjoying beer from local breweries.