The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt: Treasure Island



Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Distance: 2 miles



This scavenger hunt will send you searching for clues through one of the coolest parts of the Bay Area. You'll discover San Francisco history and culture while uncovering this mysterious island's history and future plans. Receive interactive clues along the way as you clear each task!


Start & Finish Locations


Meeting Location:

Woods Island Club



Starting and Ending Location:
422 Clipper Cove Way
San Francisco, CA 94130


Scavenger Hunt Creators


Name: Stuart

Position: Guide & CEO

Contact: 1 + (415) 309-1925

Bio: Born & raised 5th generation San Franciscan, Stuart is a strong supporter of the city and has become an active member of the local community. Stuart loves exploring, BBQ's, local pubs, camping, snacks and lives with his cat he calls "Killer".


Name: Ariel

Position: Guide & Event Coordinator

Contact: 1 + (415) 881-8178

Bio: Born and raised 3rd generation San Franciscan, Ariel loves using her master's in Anthropology to understand the people and pulse of the city. She also does date planning for couples, party planning, and enough crafting to overflow her apartment.


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